Some of those people sending you anons are complete assholes. You don't deserve any of the hate they are sending you. Don't listen to them. Your blog is amazing and it seriously one of my favorites.


You're blog calms me when upset

Awe im glad😌❤️

You dont deserve to live

You dont deserve to be on my sexy blog

thank you for calling me sweet. I love you too :)

I love nice people like you *hugs*

are you still dating dating that one girl?

Naw but i do talk to her!

Everyone has a reason for being alive including you

Thank you😌

I wish I could make you not feel worthless. I'd do everything I could.

You’re a very very sweet person. I love you

Always…always hang in there, even when you feel like you’re on the edge of the earth. I love you all…so much, don’t ever give up. Please.

Reading somebodies suicide note somebody sent me in the mail.

I’m in tears. So many tears.

Ask me anything you want


Get personal I don’t care

Took mad pics today. Finna upload some in my photography tab on my bloggy c: